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Self-care: It's More than Bubble Baths

          Self-care is all the hype these days. Photos of matcha, mani/pedis, those perfectly imperfect poses of a beautiful woman tangled up in her bedsheets, and the infamous bubble bath are plastered across Instagram to promote the idea of self-care. Yes, sleeping in every now and then, preparing yourself a frothy matcha, and hunkering down in a bath is quite lovely (and necessary at times), but what about all the other aspects of self-care that are deeper rooted? The shit that takes real work so you can show up for yourself and others on a daily basis? Those actions of really digging deep and figuring out how to truly love and care for yourself? It takes more than a bubble bath to do that.

          Below are some ideas of how you can show yourself some lovin' on the inside so you can show up for yourself on the outside.

Go to bed early
Ah, sleep. Something we neglect so easily, but contributes to every piece of our lives. When we sleep, our bodies are working in high gear so we cannot only function the next day, but live longer, healthier lives altogether. A snapshot of the benefits of sleep include: assisting in healing the heart and blood vessels, lowering cortisol levels, protection from cancer, and much more. Additionally, sleep deficiency has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. Sleep is truly one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It's best to turn off all electronics at least two hours before bed so you can slip into a sound slumber and catch some zzz's. Your body will thank you.

Looking yourself in the mirror and telling yourself you're beautiful/smart/worth it - you know, compliment yourself! 
We are constantly telling ourselves we aren't fit enough, our skin isn't clear enough, our boobs are too saggy, or our butts are too flat. We get our hopes up by spending money on quick fixes only to be let down because the issue is actually internal. What a radical idea to look yourself in the mirror and honor your body and soul. Can you imagine what that would feel like if every morning you told yourself you are enough?

Accept yourself for who you are and who you aren't
Basically, don't try to be something or someone you're not. You'll be better off for it and so will everyone else around you because they'll get to enjoy the greatness that you are.

Make your own decisions
Take charge of your life, hold yourself accountable, and learn from your mistakes. Nuff said.

Learn something new
Learning new things comes with all kinds of benefits, including: increased happiness, protection from dementia, changing the brain chemistry, increasing learning speed, and feeling a sense of pride. Plus, it's fun! It can be as simple as taking a new route to work or cooking up a new meal, or something more complex like learning a new language or knitting.

Eat nutritious foods and exercise
I feel like these two speak for themselves. Be mindful of what you consume and move your body, and you'll be off to the races. Garbage in, garbage out...goodness in, greatness out.

Say no
Our lives are constantly go, go, go so sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to say "no" to going to that event, hanging with friends, or even cooking dinner. Honor yourself by saying no, curling up with a good book (or Netflix), and zone out.

Say yes
You work hard. You deserve a break. Go on vacation, go dancing, eat a donut. Reward yourself.

Understand that some days you won't be productive and that's okay
We can't be super(wo)man all the time. There's always tomorrow.

Allowing yourself to rest when needed, work hard when needed, or play when needed
This one kind of goes along with saying no or saying yes. Be mindful of where you're at mentally and physically, and honor that, whatever it may be.

Figure out what respect means to you and show yourself that same respect
Treat yourself as well as you treat everyone else. You have to spend the most time with you after all, and the way you treat yourself will affect every part of your life.

Ridding yourself of toxic people in your life
Toxic people are like a contagious virus: they drain your energy, they don't support you, they're manipulative, and all in all, they're unpleasant. You spend your time with these people only to become bitter and angry, then the people around you, in turn become bitter and angry. Around and around we go. Do yourself and everyone else in your life a favor and dump that toxic person. I came across a couple great quotes regarding toxic people:

"Toxic people attach themselves like cinder blocks tied to your ankles, and then invite you for a swim in their poisoned waters." - John Mark Green

"The more you stay with and/or complain about a toxic person, the more you're merely delaying the important inner work you need to do--to heal your wounds, expand your limiting beliefs, and show yourself far more love and respect." - Karen Salmansohn

          Everybody is different and what works for one person may not work for another. Part of the process is learning what works for you and aligning yourself with that by practicing what makes you feel best. I know this is so cliché, but it's also so true -- you have one body and one chance on this planet. Do that deep-rooted digging within yourself and find out how you can truly care for and love yourself. And don't worry, bubble baths are encouraged.

          I'd love to hear how you show yourself some lovin'! Comment below! And feel free to share with others.


  • I’ve been awake for many hours already this morning. As I bounce back and forth from one task to another, while occasionally checking on Facebook, I came across your Post from yesterday that I had written down to go back and read your Blog, when I had time…..Sure could have used your words a day earlier. Very helpful, insightful, and inspirational Lindsay! I almost feel as though you were writing this Blog personally to me, much need words to hear! With tears in my eyes, thank you for making me so proud to know you and having you be such a special part of our lives. It’s so wonderful that you are sharing your energy with everyone, making our crazy world better, one person, one word at a time! (By the way her products are wonderful also)!

    Belinda Hitesman
  • Wow wow – thank you for this much needed reminder. It has been much to long since I have slowed down and really been intentional with my life. I feel like I’ve just been careening forward on too little sleep, junky food, and just too little care for my body. Going to do some reflection and see how I can take some time to really c a r e for my body right now 💕

    Ashley C
  • Hi Jessica! Thanks so much for your comment! Sounds like you have quite the arsenal for self-care; I love it! I appreciate your kind words about my product line :) take care!

  • Hi Lindsay! Love your products and appreciate this post. We often forget that some of these basic principles can change our lives in such dramatically positive ways. Some of the ways I self care are therapy, yoga, mood tracking and journaling, music, nature/hikes/camping, alone time and at home time, dancing, time with loved ones, plants/gardening, and using your lovely products as an at home spa day!

    Jessica N

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