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shampoo bars

shampoo bars

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cleanse your hair and scalp without using harsh ingredients and stripping your hair of its natural oils.

making the switch to a shampoo bar has several benefits including:

  • waste-free
  • softer, shinier, more manageable and voluminous hair
  • more than likely no longer need to use conditioner as shampoo bars contain high amounts of moisturizing oils
  • people who suffer with dandruff typically see an improvement in their scalp health
  • more bang for your buck. typical shampoos contain 80% water. with shampoo bars you're getting all of the concentrated cleansers and adding water yourself
  • TSA-friendly!

rosemary mint | oils of olive, coconut, avocado, castor & jojoba, rosemary mint herbal tea, sodium hydroxide (non remains), essential oils of peppermint & rosemary

chamomile honey | oils of olive, coconut, avocado, castor & sweet almond, shea butter, chamomile herbal tea, sodium hydroxide (non remains), honey

coffee spice | oils of olive, coconut, avocado, castor & jojoba, coffee, sodium hydroxide (non remains), coffee grounds, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, essential oils of cinnamon, sweet orange, clove bud, ginger & lemongrass *exfoliating bar for the scalp

*disclaimer: if you're new to natural shampoos/shampoo bars, your scalp and hair will go through a transition period. this could last up to 4 weeks and could include flaky scalp, oily or dry hair, and a "dirty" feeling. keep with it! I promise it'll be worth it.